Monkey Whizz – A Tool That May Help Beat Drug Test

Why do people need synthetic urine?

Passing a drug screening test may be an awkward situation with your own genuine urine. There are a few strange drinks that are advertised online for this purpose, but that can’t be a good option. You’re left with the choice of requesting someone else for his or her urine or to buy a synthetic urine. There is absolutely a very low probability of finding someone who could be willing to give you urine. Synthetic urine is thus, most commonly used these days to pass drug tests.

Is it really works?

Synthetic urine or fake pee, as people mostly call, will only work until it is warm like a real urine at a body temperature and keeping urine warm at an optimum temperature is a real problem with the synthetic urine. Moreover, if someone is caught using synthetic urine during the drug test, it’s considered a felony in the eyes of law and the consequences are bad due to severe punishment such as fines and even imprisonment. If someone is found using fake urine during drug testing by the employer, he will definitely lose his job.


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What is Monkey Wiz to use for this purpose?

Monkey Whizzinator, short name Monkey wiz, is a product promoted for the purpose of male urination as an alternative to genuine urine for sexy pleasure activity as a safer option, but most people discovered its use to pass drug tests. Monkey whizz is a complete kit with dried urine and heater packs, syringe for temperature, a fake penis in assorted colors with instruction manual to use the product. The female type of this product is also available.

Is Monkey whizz helps to beat a drug test?

There is nothing like natural detoxification by flushing to remove toxins over time, if you really know this. How far Monkey whizz can help to beat the drug test is not confirmed, though many people claim to have been successful in making fool to the testing authorities.